Gépteszt Ltd.

Periodic examination

Periodic examination of hoisting machines

Periodic structural, main and safeti inspections of all machinery and equipment in the lifting machinery category.

We recommend these examinations to hoist operators.

The National Accreditation Body regularly reviews personnel and material conditions and procedures. We use certified instruments, attach the measurement sheets, brake diagram, emission value, etc. to our reports.

Thus, our periodic inspections are especially favorable for ISO certified plants with modern, high- value machinery. In addition to the required occupational safety inspections and findings, we also provide a continuous technical condition survey for economical operation for the inspection fees that arise in general.

Inspection lifting equipment of stage technology

At the client’s site we perform specific interval (periodic) inspections of stage, television and motion picture technical lifting equipment (structural, main and safety) in an accredited status.


Periodic examination of fall protection devices

GÉPTESZT Ltd. undertakes the inspection of personal protective equipment against falls at its branch office.

Protective equipment is accepted on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00 and can be taken away at an agreed time. In case of prior consultation, the examination can be expected.

Address of our branch office: Gyenes utca 12., 1032 Budapest, Hungary